Maitland Bootcamp

Here at Adam Prowse, Maitland Bootcamp is all about getting into shape the fun and exciting way! No repetitive gym exercises, and you get to do fun-filled workouts in quiet and comfortable, air-conditioned settings. Perhaps you’ve been thinking that what you’ve been suffering through now is what all gym memberships promise, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Here at Adam Prowse, the byword is sustainable results, and that, coupled with great diet advice and good equipment, is what personal training is truly all about. After all, dependable personal training need not be as complicated as nuclear science, and the Adam Prowse team endeavors to make the whole experience worthwhile. That’s a guarantee that has never changed here.

When you register for Maitland Bootcamp at Adam Prowse, you sign up for numerous benefits such as: well-maintained indoor training areas; expertly-designed fitness programs built just for you; enjoyable sessions and workouts; and get this, a money-back guarantee. That’s right! And you also get to interact with the trainers even outside of your training schedule. Clients are given free internet access to do this. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Get to indulge in high-powered, turbocharged exercises and workouts that work to eliminate the stubborn fat and all those problem areas that you’ve never thought could be targeted by personal training alone. Of course, the trainers also provide sensible advice on nutrition and diet changes, along with tips on lifestyle changes that could potentially help you fast track your way easily to your health goals. Have a current health problem? Consult with our team of personal training professionals who can work with your doctor to create just the right fitness program for you.

At Adam Prowse Maitland Fitness, the client is assessed at day one in order for the trainer to know just how much fat he wants to drop or how strong he wants to be. By setting concrete fitness goals, the client readily achieves results. With goals agreed upon by both the trainee and the trainer, those goals become realistic and the trainee gets assured that he is getting professional guidance and focus. Then, an action plan is established, including ways by which the client can hold himself accountable. Inspiration is kept alive every single day in order to make the trainee know what made him come to the gym in the first place. Moreover, trainees are encouraged to speak up when they feel they’re not getting hard enough workouts or are doing too much. This way, communication lines remain open and the client gets maximum benefits at all times.


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